2023 Diaries

2023 diaries are in stock available for personalisation and branding if your require this. Lead times 2 weeks from artwork approval possible sooner.

The latest 2023 diaries and executive notebooks are here, enough to help clarify what you need. With so many corporate diaries, pocket and desk diaries to choose from, we would be delighted to assist you in finding the right one.

Lead times are currently only 10 working days from artwork approval for diaries with cover blocking, and 3 working days for diaries without any printing.

Foil blocking on the diary covers is included in the unit price on quantities of 50 or more. Special company information pages can be inserted at the front or back. More extensive customisation is possible with a sufficient lead time including 4 colour covers and highlighted key dates.

Take a browse through the selected diaries here, and please give us a call. Once we have your requirements we will be happy to send quotations and samples for your consideration.

Client list from SMEs to major PLCs, charities and public bodies, since 2003.

March 2022 Update - the company in its 18th year is open for business, has not taken any government loans and is debt free.

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Diaries are Brilliant for Branding

Why are diaries so good for branding? To start with, your clients will keep the desk diaries or pocket diaries with them for a whole year, so that is 365 days of brand visibility, giving a cost per day of around 1p or less. Then add some extra information at the front of the diary, say one or two insert pages to include contact and product details.

For your best clients this will be more reason for them to keep your gift rather than someone else's. Having your details handy means they call you first (and your client has a prompt to remember your name amongst the many hundreds of people they deal with.) Taking this further, staff photos could be included too, so that clients put a face to the name and recognise you and the key staff at the next trade show, stopping to talk rather than walking past.

New Diaries

New Diaries and Notebooks for 2023

Unit prices show exclude vat and die charges, and include printing. Here we have highlighted a small section of new product that you might find of interest.

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New Diaries

Special Offers on 2023 Diaries

Unit prices for early order special offers shown exclude vat and die charge, and include printing. The Die charge is a "one off" origination cost of £55...

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