Guide to Diary Formats

A5 Diaries

The 2024 diaries range from Castelli extends well beyond those shown here, however we can specify suitable diaries once we have discussed your needs. Unit prices shown exclude vat and die charges, and include printing. This diary range is available in cream or white pages, and the pocket diaries can be in either portrait or landscape formats (no price difference between these options).

A5 weekly appointments

A5 weekly

A5 daily

A5 weekly comb bound

A5 weekly notable

A5 daily slim 130 x 210mm

Quarto Desk Diaries

The diaries are often mistaken for A4 diaries, however they are slightly shortly than A4 at 260mm x 210mm. Quarto diaries are mostly in the weekly format, we have found one quarto daily diary, however it is very expensive and would suggest either an A4 daily or A5 daily instead! The quarto format is popular as a gift for managers and senior executives, and is also suitable for custom production with high quality leather covers.

Quarto Weekly

Quarto Weekly Comb

Quarto Weekly Indexed

Quarto Daily

A4 Diaries

Daily or weekly formats or two pages per day, these premium quality diaries are designed to withstand heavy use during the year. The daily diaries, two page per day diaries show appointment times and formats vary slightly between the different brands.

A4 Daily

A4 Weekly

A4 Two Pages Appointments

A4 Two Lined Pages

Pocket Diaries

The most popular promotional diaries are pocket format, for corporate use this generally mean a week across two pages. An interesting variation is the notable format with the days of the week on the left and a notes page on the right hand side. So if you can make a couple of appointments per day, say, and then have some notes space to use at the site meeting. The comb bound pocket diaries do this job particularly well.

Pocket Two Weekly

Pocket Weekly Portrait

Pocket Weekly Notable

Pocket Weekly Indexed

Pocket Weekly Comb Bound

Pocket Weekly Landscape

Pocket Weekly Comb Notes

Pocket Weekly Landscape Comb Notes.

Pocket Monthly Duo

Large Pocket 90mm x 165mm (Multi lingual)