Large Orders

If you are planning a major campaign we can source diaries and other promotional items directly from Europe and the Far East and pass on the savings- ensuring you get the very best possible price.

Just Diaries has established and reputable suppliers - allowing for the extra lead times involved, this route can be very cost effective.

For orders of 3,000 or more diaries can be effectively sourced from the Far East, and a lead time of 12 weeks is common. As diaries are heavy and bulky the transport has to be by seafreight rather than airfreight. We would generally advise to plan these projects between January & March with diaries order placed in April/May and delivery in September.

Competitive Tenders for Diaries & Notebooks

Starlight Corporate Services Limited welcomes invitations to tender and complies with the typical pre-qualification processes. The company details are registered with several of the main government e-procurement portals, however if we have overlooked the one you refer to then please do get in touch so that we can participate in your next buying cycle.

Our experience of completing tenders means that any submission will not fail for procedural reasons, and we can be depended upon to furnish a tender in a timely manner, with the detail required, and handle the process in a professional and ethical manner.

In these difficult economic times we are keen to point out that the company is stable and has a 90% credit score from which indicates "very good credit worthiness".

Accurate And Dependable

From the outset it will be clear that the team at Starlight Corporate Services Ltd works accurately and with the clients' best interests in mind. As we gain an understanding of your requirements, we will also make note of your key issues and keep these to the fore throughout the process. Of course, every enquiry has the possibility to lead to an order so we want to make sure that the project is on the correct course.

Often we find that promotional items like corporate diaries are purchased as part of a much larger promotional spend - we will do our utmost to meet and even exceed your expectations.