British Promotional Merchandise Association

Established in 1965, the BPMA is the UK's leading industry body dedicated to promoting best practice around the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of promotional gifts.

Every member shall comply with the British Promotional Merchandise Association's code of conduct as set out below:

  • British Promotional Merchandise Association members are proud of the standing and trust which the BPMA 'brand' conveys and agree to uphold and comply with the association's code of conduct outlined here. The association's basic tenet is to serve, protect and promote and, as such, must be transparent and forthright on behalf of both its members and the promotional merchandise industry per se.
  • Members must, at all times, display, demonstrate and represent their products and services in a fair and open manner. Deceptive, misleading and unethical practices are not condoned under any circumstances and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Both distributor members and supplier members agree to work within the guidelines set out in the BPMA's Supplier Charter and Distributor Charter, both of which fall into the category of 'good business practice'. All members and/or prospective members are issued with both sets of documents when joining the association. Amended and/or replacement sets are available from the secretariat at any time
  • When trading, members must conform to all of their legal obligations and conduct their business in a manner which will uphold the reputation of the BPMA and befit the industry in which they are actively engaged.
  • Members are guided by the rulings of the Advertising Standards Authority and the Committee of Advertising Practice. At all times members must, of course, run their business in accordance with the British Code of; Advertising, Sales Promotion & Direct Marketing.
  • Members must take responsibility for all agents used on their behalf to make sure that they abide by the same standards as would apply to members.
  • Members are expected to respect any confidential information which comes into their possession during the course of their work. Only the originator of such information may give permission for further broadcast.
  • The BPMA board directors are empowered to enforce the Code of Conduct (incorporating the Charter) and to consider any complaint made against a member company.
  • The BPMA disciplinary code procedure is available to all members. In the event of a member being expelled, the Board reserves the right to inform all other members (electronically and/or hard copy) with an explanation as to the reasons for expulsion.
  • The Association is regarded as a very progressive organization. At any point in time it may be necessary to amend or update the Code and/or the Charter(s). A cross section of member's opinions will be sought in this process.