Diaries and Notebooks Design Service

Firstly, before price considerations, you will need to decide who can be trusted with your brand. If we are to work with your appointed creative agency then this has been already determined. Otherwise, the way we handle your project from the outset should give confidence in quality of our work. Here is a shortlist of creative agencies we have worked with

For foil blocking or blind embossing diary covers, we require a good digital image. If this is not available we can redraw your logo and also prepare any special information pages you may require.

Our aim is to ensure that artwork is complete before it is submitted to the diary production team and this ensures a quick turnaround - particularly during the busy autumn period. Designs and proofs are cleared at at an early stage so that the manufacturer's final proof can be usually signed off without amendments.


Popular options include:

  • Full colour covers and logos
  • Extra pages for company information
  • Business card pockets
  • Special maps
  • Mailer cartons and gift cartons.
  • Four colour covers
  • Pockets for literature
  • Detachable address books
  • Pen loops and pens
  • Metal corners

We will refer to these options as we gain an understanding of your requirements. Ultimately, a completely bespoke diary can be created - lead time and volume permitting. For fully bespoke work we keep a large selection of sample cover swatches, and can also offer personalisation on the dated pages of the diaries.

When we specify a diary design we will try to include most of the options that clients like, i.e. an inclusive specification. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend choosing from a long list of options. Options we include will be relevant to your purpose, so for example an international business might expect world maps to be included. From there we can always add a few things or take a few things away.

Also, we will, by default, choose quality components, so for example paper quality is important to ensure the diary still looks presentable after months of use. The additional cost for using quality components is usually quite small, and whilst this may on occasion put our first offer to you above the lowest bidder, we think it is for the best if the diary is widely appreciated by your clients and colleagues.

Foil Colours

Sometimes we are asked if it is possible to print a two, three or four colour logo on the diary cover. Whilst screen printing is an option, the result is nearly always unsatisfactory as the ink likes on the surface on the cover. With foil blocking, the metal die is heated and presses the foil onto the cover making a slight impression on the cover itself. There is a choice of 12 foil colours; silver, gold, red, navy, orange, black, grey, pink, green, blue, yellow, chocolate. Bear in mind that these foils cannot be pantone matched so we would need to consider how close we can get to your corporate colours. For some logos we can create a two colour effect by foil blocking using two different foil colours. For this work we would advise having a pre-production sample made to ensure that the effect is satisfactory.

Four Colour Diary Covers

On a minimum order quantity of 250x or 500x diaries depending on the diary format, we can supply 4 colour process covers. This gives and excellent result and allows for a close match with your branding needs. We have undertaken this work in the past for a major record label.